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MR MIDNIGHT TV Series on Netflix

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“MR MIDNIGHT: BEWARE THE MONSTERS", the Netflix TV series inspired by James Lee's Mr Midnight series, and produced by Beach House Pictures, has won the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 for Best Children’s Programme in Asia. The series first came out tops against other Singaporean entries, becoming the country’s national winner in September, before beating several countries (including Australia, Japan, India, Taiwan and more) to take home the coveted Grand Final award during the Grand Awards ceremony in December 2023. The Asian Academy Creative Awards is Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious award for creative excellence. Congratulations, James Lee, Beach House Pictures and all involved with the production! A phenomenal achievement.


MR MIDNIGHT marks Christmas with the launch of a special edition.

Mr Midnight Christmas Special Edition SE#28

James Lee

Ronan’s Ratty Christmas

RONAN loves Christmas. So do his friends Zoe and Thomas. But when they go to the shopping mall, their Christmas turns super creepy. Why is Santa’s castle full of killer rats? What dangers await Ronan and his friends? How can he make Christmas happy again? Make sure you have a frighteningly good Christmas — with Mr Midnight! [Buy Now]


TRUE SINGAPORE GHOST STORIES is one of the world’s longest running book series!

True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 27

Russell Lee

A TSUNAMI of evil is sweeping many Western liberal democracies and threatens to unravel societies in Asia too. The main threat, a new cult known as “wokeism”, is exposed in the “Russell Lee Investigates” section. Read also about other traps the Devil has set. Must-read stories include Strange Smell, Pontianak Of Changi Point, Angel Of Change Alley, Mona Fandey’S Ghost, The Spirits Of Bugis Street, Fallen Soldier, “I Want To Pee!”. [Buy Now]

“Russell Lee is a ghost story master.” — The Sunday Times


MR MIDNIGHT is an easy-to-read series that will help children develop a love for books. They are wholesome and entertaining. Get the entire set or a selection using the link here.

Mr Midnight #104

James Lee

Book #104

STORY #1: Damien Soh thinks he knows all about ghosts — until he and his friends go to the zoo for a Night Safari. Suddenly they face an army of zombies, a king cobra, and a tiger. ZOMBIES IN THE ZOO — there’s more peril on every page!

STORY #2: Tilly Teoh and her friends go to the school storeroom on an errand. While there, they open a mysterious door to stairs that never end. Find out what happens to Tilly when she is UNDERGROUND WITH THE DEAD. [Buy Now]


JAMES LEE wishes all his readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! This latest is his offering for the holiday season. You will love it! Enjoy your year-end break with Mr Midnight books!

Mr Midnight #103

James Lee

Book #103

STORY #1: Holly Soong is a genius. She has invented a new kind of GPS. It finds hidden horrors, greedy ghosts, and sinister spirits — spookier than anything Holly ever imagined. You mustn’t miss a single page of MY GHOST POSITIONING SYSTEM.

STORY #2: What are lurking in Gabriel Hu’s school? Oh no! VAMPIRES, VAMPIRES, VAMPIRES! And not just any vampires, but the scariest ones in the world. Gabriel and his friends battle a ruthless foe to free the world from a vampire army. [Buy Now]

MR MIDNIGHT TV Series on Netflix

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BREAKING NEWS! Mr Midnight is now a TV series on Netflix. Produced by Beach House Pictures, the series, “MR. MIDNIGHT: BEWARE THE MONSTERS”, has been winning over audiences around the world.


PREPARE FOR HALLOWEEN HORRORS! This Halloween is going to be scarier than you ever imagined. And it’s going to be frightfully fun as well. James Lee, Asia’s top children’s author, is serving up a special frightfest with his MR MIDNIGHT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION SE#27.

Mr Midnight Halloween Special Edition SE#27

James Lee

Halloween House Of Bones

MIA TAY and her friends Lewis Liu and Harvey Yang play trick-or-treat every year. But this year, Halloween night has a thousand eyes. The eyes of the dead. Their horrors start when they knock on the wrong door. Suddenly they are inside the HALLOWEEN HOUSE OF BONES — and face-to-face with the living dead! And what’s worse, the dead won’t let them go! Read HALLOWEEN HOUSE OF BONES — with more Halloween horrors on every page! [Buy Now]


THE MR MIDNIGHT series may have started in Singapore but it is winning over readers across the world. Readers are spoilt for choice because of the huge number of books available. The price of the books have been kept low. Do what many have done — collect the entire series!

Mr Midnight #102

James Lee

Book #102

STORY #1: A school trip to Scotland turns deadly when Seng Soon Boon and his friends have to fight off a family of flesh-eating monsters in SENG AND THE SCOTTISH CANNIBALS

STORY #2: Dayna Deng has a fear of deep drains full of killer mud. But what happens when she and her friends are trapped in one? We dare you to join Dayna when she meets THE SHE-GHOST FROM THE DRAIN. [Buy Now]


MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! James Lee presents a new Mr Midnight for the holiday season. And remember to get any missing books in your JAMES LEE collection!

Mr Midnight Christmas Special Edition SE#26

James Lee

My Christmas Tree Turned Creepy!

EVERYONE loves the night before Christmas! There’s excitement in the air, Santa is on his way, and Christmas Day is almost here. But suddenly Reynold Ler’s Christmas tree is full of horrors. In fact, it’s decorated with the heads of the dead! Soon, Reynold and his friends will face the weirdest ghosts and strangest beings you could ever imagine. What happens? Find out — when Mr Midnight turns on page after page of spine-tingling holiday ho-ho-horrors in MY CHRISTMAS TREE TURNED CREEPY! [Buy Now]


MR MIDNIGHT is one of the longest-running book series in the world! This latest is MM #101. Readers have a huge selection to choose from. And the low prices remain unchanged!

Mr Midnight #101

James Lee

Book #101

STORY #1: Jastina Yip and her friends Maisarah and Jerral are kidnapped from their beachside chalet during a storm. Trapped on board the SHIP OF GHOSTS, they seek to escape from being carried back in time — forever!

STORY #2: For the first time ever, one of Mr Midnight’s stories is told by the ghost of a murdered man himself. A tale of death and revenge! In the DEAD OF NIGHT, can this good ghost save Lucy Tan’s life? Or will an evil ghost defeat him? THE SHE-GHOST FROM THE DRAIN. [Buy Now]


True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 26

Russell Lee

A FAMILY down on their luck takes a holiday in Kuantan. An unexpected series of events turn their world upside down. THE SILAT PRINCESS, a benevolent being, intervenes to help. But the warrior goddess has epic battles of her own to fight. Must-read stories include Old Habits Die Hard, V For Vigilante, Revenge Of The Pontianak, The Old Man Of Lavender, Heavenly Anthems, Delivery By Hand, Coney Island Escapade. [Buy Now]

“Russell Lee is something of a Singapore institution.” — Time Out


MR MIDNIGHT marks a milestone with the release of this latest book. James Lee also pens another Mr Mystery – the 30th!

Mr Midnight #100

James Lee

Book #100

STORY #1: When Wilkin Tan and his friends follow a trail of wet footprints outside their school library, they discover the ghost of someone who died by drowning. We dare you to read HE SWIMS WITHOUT WATER — without fear!

STORY #2: What really happens in your school at midnight? Do terrifying ghosts come out of hiding? Read what happens when Livia Liem and her friends come face to face with OUR SCHOOL GHOUL. [Buy Now]


Mr Mystery #30

James Lee

The Mystery Of The Missing Motive

Who murdered billionaire Marcus Wong? Why weren’t his art treasures stolen? Did Wong’s killer have a more mysterious motive in mind? When Marcus Wong is murdered, the only thing missing is a motive. Then, two more murders make the case more baffling. But Alvin Soh never gives up! What did Wong’s killer really want? When will he strike again? And will Alvin be his next victim?

Memories of Chin Swee Road

MARK TAN, author of China Roots, continues telling stories of old Singapore...

Memories Of Chin Swee Road

Mark Tan

THIS book takes a look back at life in the 1950s and 1960s in the Chin Swee Road enclave. The author recounts the many characters in the drama that unfolded in this neighbourhood, set against the backdrop of a rapidly modernizing Singapore. With the help of sketches and maps drawn from memory, the author’s detailed narrative of street life is a contribution to the continuing Singapore story. These vignettes will jog memories of older readers, and hopefully more will be inspired to tell their own stories for the record. For youngsters, this book is a window to bygone days. Young or old, we all need answers to perennial questions about our sense of belonging and our roots. Memories of Chin Swee Road aims to help in this quest. [Buy Now]



Mark Tan

OSCAR was a Eurasian who was born in Singapore in 1917, and this story follows his antics as a youth without much benefit of adult supervision. He later encounters life, as many will never experience, when a country is at war. It includes his stint as a gaoler in Outram Prison overseeing prisoners facing torture and death during the Japanese occupation. This dispassionate but detailed account conveys the comedy of life amidst the immediacy of terror during those years. It is a story of friendships, relationships and human frailties under intense stress. Oscar’s story, retold from a unique perspective, provides graphic lessons of an almost forgotten past. It is also a chapter of the Singapore story narrative. [Buy Now]


TWINKLETOES is fun, inspirational, educational and simply magical!

Twinkletoes #19:
Undercover Angel

Thomas Koh and Titian

BETWEEN starring in a television miniseries and training for the quarter-finals of the National Championship, Hock Ann is on a roll. Just when things couldn’t be better, one of the living legends in the soccer world shows up to coach and inspire the Morrison High team. After a nail-biting quarter-final, Morrison High teachers Vanessa and Emma head to the hills for the weekend. But instead of having the relaxed time they’ve been looking forward to, they end up helping the police bring down a criminal mastermind. [Buy Now]


True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 25

Russell Lee

ARE you worried evil spirits lurk in your home? Russell Lee reveals the many religious rituals used to “cleanse” homes. Also read about “The Cat Man”, the saviour of thousands of cats. The cats repay their hero in the most unusual way. Must-read stories include “Nama Saya Iblis”, Golden Oldies, A Talking Head, Midnight Matchmaker, Taken, Blue Jeans Dream. [Buy Now]

“Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories has been a mainstay on Singapore bestseller lists since they hit shelves in 1989.”
— The Straits Times (2017)



RUSSELL LEE celebrates 25 years of storytelling

True Singapore Ghost Stories
25th Year Special Edition

Russell Lee

IN THIS special True Singapore Ghost Stories 25th Year Special Edition, Russell Lee recalls the stories that have charmed and entertained generations for a quarter of a century. This book contains nothing less than the supernatural heritage of Singapore and Malaysia. Read your favourite stories in one special book, and celebrate this milestone with Russell Lee. Well-loved TRUE stories include Teacher’s Pet, The Poor Rich Man, The Third Eye, A-Li-Shan De Gu Niang, Japanese Girl From Hell, The Rich Poor Man, The Si Lang Keng, Tour Packages For Sale and Raphael. [Buy Now]

“The True Singapore Ghost Stories speaks to the Singapore psyche.”
— Channel NewsAsia

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